Areas of expertise

In order to make our work even better, we add our rigorous Quality Control procedures to our team’s vast experience in various areas. Those areas are:

Medical translation
Translation of medication package inserts, medication information leaflets, clinical trials, pharmaceutical technology, as well as instructions for use of medical and orthodontic devices.

Technical translation
Translation of instruction, installation and maintenance manuals for the Industry sector: automobile and machinery, renewable energy and consumer electronics, mechanics and automation, as well as electronic manuals and guides.

IT Translation
Translation and localization of software and hardware: apps and devices, software documentation and user guides.

Website and Marketing translation
Translation of press releases, brochures, catalogues, presentations, market research reports, as well as the translation and localization of websites for SEO.

Business translation
Translation of business documents and corporate correspondence, professional articles, e-learning manuals, product presentations, brochures, leaflets and contracts of sale and purchase.

Legal translation
Translation of contracts, certificates, legal documentation, diplomas, Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use, power of attorney documents, depositions, appeals and subpoenas.

Financial translation
Translation of financial reports, business plans, loan contracts and financial product brochures.

General translation
Translation of documentation in the Tourism, Fashion and Beauty areas.