Our process

We are an ISO 17100:2015 certified company. As such, we direct our work procedures towards meeting translation service requirements.

Each client has its own project manager at Kvalitext, who is responsible for all client communication and for handling the team. All Kvalitext translation projects are assigned to translators with experience in translating that specific subject and include proofreading and quality control stages.

We also create a terminology database according to each customer’s specific area. As this database increases in size, discounts related to pre-existing translated segments and repetitions will be applied.

The proofreading process is paramount to ensure our quality standards are met. Kvalitext guarantees that a second person proofreads all translations.

Not only do we count on the best translators but also explore translation tools (CAT) to their full potential. We invest in the most efficient tools and on the continuous training of our team to better answer our customers’ demands. We love what we do, so you can be sure that any job you entrust us with is in good hands.