Technical translation

We are experts in technical translation, encompassing medical and pharmaceutical, engineering and machinery, electronics and technology, financing, legal and business translation areas.

Since a technical translation requires specialized knowledge, our translators are proficient in the translation of these subject areas. Not only that, but we also invest in the ongoing training of our translation teams in the specifics of our client accounts.


Website translation for SEO

Website translation is essential for any company’s global presence. Due to that, companies are concerned now more than ever in ranking high in search engine website result lists. The correct use of specific keywords and sentences generates a lot of traffic and, therefore, potential clients.

At Kvalitext, we apply target country-specific website translation techniques for SEO.


Certified translation

We translate official documentation, certificates and other papers.

This type of translation often requires a certification, which determines solemnly that the translated content corresponds to the original content. A representative of Kvalitext makes this type of authentication before a civil-law notary.

For these translations, we need to provide either the original document or a certified copy of it, which will be stamped and signed by the civil-law notary and the translator.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to proceed in these cases.



You can count on Kvalitext for a linguistic proofreading of your translated documents.

We ensure source/target linguistic proofreading taking into account the correct use of terminology, spelling, syntax, punctuation and text consistency.

We consider all language particularities, since these may be extremely relevant for the final reader to understand the text correctly.

Our proofreaders, as native speakers, ensure the total consistency and correctness of your translated texts.

We proofread any type of text in various formats, including websites, magazines, reports, academic papers or training documentation.


Linguistic adaptation

We provide linguistic adaptation services from European to Brazilian Portuguese and vice‑versa. This adaptation is extremely important since it includes adapting texts whilst bearing in mind the expressions and terminology used by each country.

For this reason, and so that our clients won’t lose any business opportunities due to linguistic issues, we adapt Brazilian into European Portuguese not only on a grammar and syntax level, but also on a terminology level.

Localization is the linguistic and cultural adaptation process of products and services with the specific purpose to make them seem as if they have been created in the language of the target-market country. The localization or adaptation process includes graph adaptation, the use of local currency, the correct formatting of names, addresses and phone numbers and may include other details that require a grasp of local issues. We adapt scientific texts, scales, manuals, labels, legal documentation, tender specifications and more.


Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

“Time is money!” Nowadays, globalization conveys a growing need to make information and new products available in the market as fast and as cost efficient as possible. Therefore, Machine translation presents itself as a possible solution to translate large volumes in a short time span.

Kvalitext has its own machine translation engine that is perfected as we feed it with more content. We have specific engines per subject and we complement the machine translation service with an entirely human post-editing stage, which includes the editing of the machine‑translated text by an experienced proofreader.

We believe we can thus answer our clients’ needs without jeopardizing the quality.

Kvalitext handles translations into various languages. Request a quotation now.